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Sorority Embroidery Patches, patches can be ironed on or sew on. This patch can be placed on any fabric, would not suggest satin due to its density.

Iron Instructions:

1. Set iron to the hottest heat level with no steam.
2. Place heat resistant cover over patch.
3. Hold iron on top of patch for 20-30 seconds, make sure you iron the corners.
4. Once you have reached the required time allow the patch glue to cool off and adhere to your fabric/garment.
5. Press the garment inside out to ensure security. Iron for about 15-20 seconds.
6. If there is some parts of the patch that did not adhere with the glue. You can purchase fabric glue from your local craft store and use a toothpick to adhere the corners to your garments.

Applicable for: very suitable for jackets, T-shirts, jeans, bags, backpacks and other fabrics you want to put on.
Material: made of quality cloth, with glue on the back, can be applied with iron.